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The Product

 Transmatic Slippage Control (TSC)

TSC Product History

Fred Farris and his partner owned a transmission repair ship in the 1980's, specializing on fixing broken transmissions sent to them by other auto mechanics.

They noticed some of the transmissions sent to us to rebuild were not actually broken. When taking them apart to rebuild, they found the major problems were often not mechanical. Varnish build-up, the ban pack, and higher RPM's were causing the transmission to slip.

After years of fixing entire transmissions, Fred developed a pro-active solution to avoid the problems causing the transmissions to fail. His original concept was to produce an effective additive that would prevent these buildups.

After much research and consultations with chemists and a hydraulic engineers, an additive was formulated. This product was tested rerpeatedly over time in various hydraulic systems, reconfiguered and finally refined. The new product known as a discovery composition invention.

The Development Process of TSC

Before beginning the process of developing TSC, the current  brands of transmission additive products available to consumers were meticulously analyzed and evaluated and MSDS reports checked. The final examination findings showed none of the products available had blended ingredients to enhanced or increase hydraulic pressure to any any automatic transmission internal system. Fred and his team were determined to custom formulate a product to fill that need.

Testing TSC

After trial and error, they developed a compound they called Transmatic Slippage Control.  Repeated and scientific testing confirmed this blend of ingredients created a a coating on the hydraulics parts that prevented damaging build-up and damage to the transmissions. In short: TSC was the solution to transmission slippage.

To confirm the initial findings, TSC road-tested vehicles with know for having specific slippage and related transmission problems. Here is how TSC was tested:

  • Over 450 road tests were concluded in North Carolina and South Carolina, especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains area
  • 75% of the tests were conducted by independent used car dealerships
  • 25% of the tests were conducted by taxi-cab companies
Additional testing included consigned TSC to over 60 auto parts stores in the Charleston, SC area. They agreed to conduct computerized customer sales surveys on virtually every type of domestic and imported vehicles to record product failures and/or problems. We are proud to report that during the TSC two-year testing period, there were zero customer complaints.

    In Summary

    TSC is a hydraulic chemical product for hydraulic transmissions that prevents and correct malfunctions in hydraulic systems. It also virtually rejuvenates the internal unit and restores the transmission unit to its original hydraulic pressure.

    All corrections are permanent. TSC is not a temporary quick fix!

    TSC repeat customers include:

    •  U.S. Naval Bases
    • U.S. Air Force Bases
    • Fire Departments
    • Police Departments
    • Yellow Cab Companies
    • Clarklift Corp.
    • European Road Racing Association
    • Southern Drag Racing Club
    • New & Used Car Dealers
    • Transmission repair shops
    • Other fleet owners of light trucks, autos & vans (domestic and imports)
    • ...and ordinary people driving ordinary vehicles!

    Patent Information

    • In 1997, Transmatic Slippage Control was patented and for 18 years remains the ONLY product available that protects and prolongs a hydraulic transmission in any size vehicle.
    • Registered with the U.S. Patent and TM Offices, Washington, DC, No. 74285590. TSC has been tested, certified and approved by U.S. CPSC.