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How It Works

Most vehicles built after 1992 are equipped with an EMC-Central Computer for the engine and electronic components, such as sensors and solenoids. 

Like so:

  • The overdrive has an external RPM speed sensor which sends a shifting signal to a device at the transmission unit.
  • When signaled, fluid is diverted to the internal hydraulic system to make the overdrive shift. 
  • The control valve body solenoids have one sole purpose: to direct the fluid to the valve body circuits. 

Inevitably, over time, the internal hydraulic system becomes dirty, causing several types of dysfunction, from slippage to seizure. It results in lose of critical hydraulic pressure in the car's transmission.

BUT...the patented chemicals in TSC are blended in a highly refined napthic oil base with chemical group packages to provide anti-wear protection and inhibit oxidation, corrosion, rust, carbon, etc. The super-lube plating lubrication package further extends the transmission life.

Summary: TSC repairs and maintains the transmission by:

  1. Restoring hydraulic pressure to its proper level
  2. Thoroughly cleaning the hydraulic system
  3. Adding lubrication agents to prevent buildup in the future

Other additive products cannot duplicate the dual functions of cleaning and maintaining the transmission because of the TSC exclusive patent.