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TSC Company History

Fred Farris and his partner owned a transmission repair shop in the 1980's.  Specialists,  they fixed broken transmissions sent to them by other auto mechanics.

When the job order was to rebuild an entire transmission unit, they often noted a full mechanical overhaul was not neccessary, as many of the units were not actually broken. Often major problems were not mechanical. The result of varnish build-up, the ban pack, and higher RPM's were causing the transmission to slip.  Although the consumer was being charged for a complete rebuild, the unit only needed a good and thorough cleaning. 

Fred reasonably assumed if cleaning a transmission actually resolved the mechanical symptions, keeping the unit properly lubricated and clean could prevent the troublesome build-ups from happening at all. 

Pursuing this line of inventiveness,  Fred sought a pro-active solution. His  idea was to develop an effective additive that would prevent these buildups in the first place. Keeping the hydraulics clean was key to keeping a transmission from failing.

After much research and consultations with chemists and a hydraulic engineers, an additive was formulated. This product was tested repeatedly over time in various hydraulic systems, reconfiguered and finally refined. The result is TSC which cleans the transmissions and coats it with a lubricant that prevents build-up from ever happening again.

The new product (known as a discovery composition invention) was TSC. 

Because of its patent, only TSC can combine cleaning and lubricating in one product.