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What is the Lifespan of an Auto Transmission?

You are going to love this answer: well, it depends.

There are many factors that affect transmissions, ranging from:

  • Weather conditions (ages faster in Boston than in Atlanta)
  • How it is used  (Granny is kinder than Junior Zoom-Zoom)
  • What kind of driving  (daily long drives makes transmissions happier than four shopping trips a day)
  • Type of fluid used

From a failure perspective, according to Eric Baxter writing in How Stuff Works, fluid is one of the key factors in increasing the transmission lifespan.

Modern transmissions, despite their status as mass manufactured items, are built to close tolerances and engineered for very specific functions. Part of that engineering includes working with a specific type of fluid that acts in concert with the other components.

“"Not every fluid is the same," Eric writes. Adding that some parts and service departments, as well as independent shops, believe it is. But they are wrong.

He further explains: Each type and grade of fluid -- and there are more than 50 on the market -- offers a different amount of slip. Within the automatic transmission world, clutches use the fluid slipperiness during clutch apply and release phases. A change in fluid means a change in shift feel and slip, and this often translates into more or less heat being generated, faster wear on parts or degradation of clutch material.

With that in mind, Fred Farris, the developer of TSC experimented with many different chemical formulations until he uncovered the exact right combination.

The significant difference in the TSC product is the patented chemicals. Blended in a highly refined napthic oil base with chemical group packages, provide anti-wear protection and inhibit oxidation, corrosion, rust, carbon, etc. - and makes it unique. The super-lube plating lubrication package further extends the transmission life.

Don’t believe us? We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if it does not preform as we state.

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