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Highest-Ranked Autos 2018

Infiniti ranks highest in satisfaction with dealer service among luxury brands for the first time since 2003, with a score of 876. Ranking second in the luxury segment is Porsche (874). Audi, Cadillac and Lexus rank third in a tie (871).

Buick ranks highest in satisfaction for dealer service among mass market brands for a second consecutive year, with a score of 850. Chevrolet and MINI rank second in a tie (849), followed by GMC (843) and Volkswagen (828).

The 2018 U.S. CSI Study is based on responses from 74,021 owners and lessees of 2015 to 2017 model-year vehicles. The...

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What is the Lifespan of an Auto Transmission?

You are going to love this answer: well, it depends.

There are many factors that affect transmissions, ranging from:

  • Weather conditions (ages faster in Boston than in Atlanta)
  • How it is used  (Granny is kinder than Junior Zoom-Zoom)
  • What kind of driving  (daily long drives makes transmissions happier than four shopping trips a day)
  • Type of fluid used

From a failure perspective, according to Eric Baxter writing in How Stuff Works, fluid is one of the key factors in increasing the transmission lifespan.

Modern transmissions, despite their status as mass manufactured items,...

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Signs of Transmission Problems

If your car is having transmission problems, it is important to catch it early before it becomes a VERY costly repair.auto transmission

Is this happening to your car?

  • Transmission shifting delays?
  •  Does your vehicle pause before moving when shifting from park?
  • Are you experiencing any pause in forward motion when your vehicle is shifting into first gear or beyond first gear?
  • Is there a delayed vehicle response when you shift from park to reverse?
  • Is you transmission slipping, grinding, or jumping during acceleration when the car is shifting gears?
  • Do you hear...

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The Four Types of Automobile Tranmissions

Finding good information that is accurate and readable is hard. So thanks to  for his excellent information below:

When your grandfather was a kid, every car had three pedals and learning how to work a clutch was a rite of passage. Today, though, there is an unprecedented number of gearbox arrangements, each with its positives and negatives. Figuring out what all the acronyms and cryptic descriptions mean can be daunting, but the functions of these highly complex mechanical wonders are actually fairly straightforward. Let’s crack open the transmission case and take a look at what makes each transmission type unique..


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Who's the Best in Customer Satisfaction in 2016?

auto news slipping transmission transmissions

Audi, Mini score highest in service department satisfaction, J.D. Power says!

Ha! Who woulda thunk it?

Well, according to the fine reporting of  Twitter  in Automotive News:

Audi and Mini were the two winners in customer satisfaction at dealership service departments in a benchmark study that J.D. Power and Associatesreleased today.

Mini was the highest ranked mass-market brand in J.D. Power’s 2016 U.S. Customer Service Index Study while Audi...

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